Energy revolution

in the light of climate change

by Piotr Podsiadly

Global temperature rise

annual temperatures

97% consensus

indc submitted
paris agreement

No more cold!

winter storm
beach and relax

Too much heat

telangana drought

In our lifetime

UNEP emissions pathways

What 2°C means to us


Effects of global warming

drought see level rise flood species extinction
200 M climate refugees by 2050

Why so serious?

Energy balance

The greenhouse effect

the greenhouse effect

Amplifying feedbacks

measuring methane emission albedo ice vs water rainforest drying rainforest drying rainforest drying
positive feedback triangle

Extreme scenarios

earth turns into venus +16°C vs skin sweating

Let me live

self fulfillment

What has to change?

coal mine

We need energy

electricity generation
World energy supply

Energy consumption by sector

2015 energy consumption by sector
82 servants


car engine effectiveness

Go electric?

Tesla model 3 Skoda Octavia
15 kWh vs 80 kWh
/ 100 km

Organized transport

intercity train polski bus
1-10 kWh and 6 kWh / 100 km

Ideal trip

  • quick
  • cheap
  • convenient
  • safe

teleportation portal

0.1 kWh / 100 km future

hyperloop tube
space x tube

The future is now

romet bicycle
1 kWh / 100 km

Choose your destiny

PM-10 city


coal heating

Heat is everywhere

combined heat and power

Lonely house

hohenroth vs wielka wies

We know how

MIT solar house
Zero emission building

Peer-to-peer energy

100% renewable energy

renewable energy

Daily choices

daily choices

Do I really need this?

Furious Pete

Efficient and healthy

raw food
processed food

Energy [kWh] to produce 1 kg of food

energy per 1kg of food

The big picture

the big picture

The realization

Marshall Saunders
Marshall Saunders

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

ccl members

Carbon fee and dividend

carbon fee and dividend

How can I help?

shy cat

Voice your opinion

keep calm and price carbon

Thank You!

Gandhi quote


By Piotr Podsiadly
Piotr Podsiadly

This is the beginning

Bonus slides

Scientific consensus

Anthropogenic climate change

197 worldwide scientific organizations


The consensus of evidence

Consensus over time

Consensus on consensus

Consensus over time

From 50% to 97%

Consensus over time

Equilibrium temperature

L (1-α) ( π R2 ) = ε σ T4 ( 4 π R2 )

Equilibrium temperature

Greenhouse effect


CO2 bending: wavenumber 667 cm-1 (15 μm) band

infrared spectrum

Earth's IR spectrum at altitude 70 km

CO2 concentration increase

Carbon dioxide over 400k years
CO2 movie

April 2016 anomaly vs 1951-1980 [°C]

temperatures anomallies